About Us

Gypsy and Rye is the creation of Melbourne girl, Liv Canning. 
Based in the suburbs of Melbourne, Gypsy and Rye is a small business with the greater good in mind. 
Liv is working towards establishing a not for profit foundation which will focus on educating the most remote villages and underprivileged children in Indonesia by building kindergartens, schools, and other educational facilities, plus developing sustainable communities and promoting family based care. Money made from sales is currently going towards 11 scholarships for children in Bali aged between 9 and 19.

Our Latest Mission

In June 2018, we traveled to remote Northern Bali, where we visited the five children we were able to sponsor through primary school, our first project fully funded by Gypsy and Rye sales.

More recently, we have taken on two families who live in South Bali. Both live in poverty and have different and ongoing needs which require ongoing sponsorship. The first family were facing a difficult decision, whether to send their son to university and risk taking out a loan that they would never be able to pay off, or not sending him to university at all, which would result in him continuing in the life of poverty that his family desperately need to break out of. In Indonesia one year of University is the equivalent to two years wage. This makes it all but impossible for most families to even consider furthering their child’s education. Thanks to Gypsy and Rye, we have been able to put this young man through his first year of University. 

The second family is a family of three children, all in their teens. Their parents have both passed away and they live with their elderly relatives. The family suffer ongoing health issues and live in extreme poverty, relying on the local government to provide them with the most basic necessities. The children were all previously housed in an orphanage, and when the eldest moved out to find a job, the younger two siblings followed her. They were subsequently cut off from all support provided by the orphanage, including their sponsorship through school. This caused great distress to the family, and the younger siblings were not able to attend school for several months. Gypsy and Rye now have the honour of providing this family with ongoing sponsorship for the younger siblings to attend school.

Both of these families require ongoing support, and Gypsy and Rye sales will help them achieve that.

We hope you love our products as much as we do, and we thank you sincerely for supporting our business and contributing to the greater good.
To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us via the 'Contact Us' page!